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One Elusive Food Truck; Pyles and Tesar Go Charitable

DOWNTOWN -- At last night's Share Our Strength dinner at Stephan Pyles, proceeds went to help fight child hunger in the United States. At the dinner party, Kim Pierce talked to celebrity chef Jimmy Schmidt of Morgan's in the Desert in La Quinta, CA, who told her indigenous food and foraging was a big part of his life as a kid. [EatsBlog]

TRUCKWIRE -- Big D Food Trucks has, but isn't sharing, the details on who's behind the new Drifting Bistro food truck, set to officially open in January. "He or she is currently the executive sous chef at a Ft. Worth restaurant with over a decade of restaurant experience and has decided that it's time to get their own thing going." [Big D Food Trucks]

ARTS DISTRICT -- Burgers and Burgundy was the other big celebrity cheffage-for-a-cause last night, with host and chef coordinator John "It's A Hamburger" Tesar and an all-star cast of local burgermeisters from Smoke, Tei-An, Charlie Palmer and more. Four hundred people stopped by to sample the deliciousness benefiting the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. [SideDish]

Stephan Pyles

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Stephan Pyles

1807 Ross Ave # 200 Dallas, TX 75201-8041