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It's A Grind Closes Despite Most Honorable Efforts

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Here's even more disappointing--and again, somewhat sudden--closure news, this time out of Deep Ellum: The It's A Grind coffee house there closed on Friday evening, reports City of Ate. Located near the DART stop in the multi-use Ambrose development, It's A Grind was a favorite of Deep Ellumites and Baylor employees alike, but it looks like even some very good press about the shop's dedication to silly things like living wages and health care benefits couldn't keep the shop open. Eater Dallas has heard complaints about the shop being difficult to find, tucked away in a corner far from the main Malcolm X Boulevard thoroughfare that zips through the middle of Deep Ellum, but we often found it surprisingly populated for a daytime spot in the 'hood.

Yesterday, Serena Connelly of the Demeter Project posted a note to the It's A Grind Facebook followers saying that their closing announcement comes with "heavy hearts," as they were trying to "address issues of poverty, discrimination and profit-only focus in today's business culture."

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closing of It's A Grind Coffee House and Demeter Project. For the past three years, Demeter Project has worked to impact our community by paying a living wage and providing health care benefits to the employees at It's A Grind Coffee House, in order to address issues of poverty, discrimination, and profit-only focus in today's business culture. While we have seen successful outcomes and significant change in the lives of our employees and in the community building that has taken place, the overall project has not proven to be feasible financially.

There is sadness in closing the Demeter Project, but we are optimistic about the growing movement of social enterprises in North Texas. We remain hopeful about the impact that creative, innovative entrepreneurs can have on our community.

Thank you to everyone who supported this experiment in thought, word and deed!

Gratefully yours,

Serena Connelly
Demeter Project LLC

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[Photo: It's A Grind/Facebook]

It's A Grind

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