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Taco Trail Says Velvet Taco Is Way Off Track

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When Velvet Taco launched on Henderson Avenue, one could have been forgiven for thinking Dallas had never seen a taco stand before--never mind the fact that a great deal of the less-trendy parts of the city are crawling with the things, both free-standing and inside gas stations and bodegas. The end of summer saw a mini-media frenzy that ended in bloggers blogging about too much Velvet Taco blogging, and Eater Dallas blogging about bloggers blogging about too much Velvet Taco blogging. We're saying: wankfest.

Which is why Jose "Taco Trail" Ralat Maldonado's review of the spot today is so incredibly juicy: the dude must eat more tacos than anyone in Dallas, and he is not at all impressed.

He writes: "Dallas’ latest specialty taqueria is past its prime and revealing itself for what it really is mediocrity wrapped in hot looks dry humping immaturity." Ralat Maldonado, who stutters, got made fun of by a worker during his first order, and he says his Buffalo chicken taco featured "cheese on the wrong side of skunk." Sit back and read the whole scathing thing. (For what it's worth, Ralat Maldonado really likes their paneer tacos.)

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[Photo: Velvet Taco/Facebook]

Velvet Taco

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