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New Smoke/Bolsa Joint To Take Over Jack's Backyard

As T-Gubs and Nancy The Nichster reported earlier today, Christophers Zielke and Jeffers of Smoke and Bolsa fame will be taking over the old Jack's Backyard space, dividing it into two different concepts: a bar on one side, restaurant on the other.

We just spoke to a source close to the operation, and they tell us Smoke's meat master Tim Byres is in as chef for the restaurant, which will include "splitting the buildings." The restaurant will be "as family driven as possible," with grab-and-go food and a variety of price points. "There's not really a family-driven place down in Oak Cliff," says our source, "this is a place people can bring their kids to and let them run around." It'll have "more of an Austin vibe."

When Eater Dallas finds out what this Zielke-Jeffers-Byres compound will be named, y'all will be the first to know.

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A Restaurant To Be Named Later

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