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So, What's A Pop-Up Guerrilla Bar Look Like, Anyway?

[Photos: Collin Quick]

Last night we sent out trusty photographer Collin Quick to catch "guerrilla" Bar 828 in action down in Oak Cliff, and it looks like the neighborhood did not disappoint, despite missing the pouring styles of one Eddie "Lucky" Campbell. Yes, those are strollers you're seeing in one of the photos. That's Brian McCullough (you recognize him from Smoke?) in the red hat and Michael Martensen in the newsboy cap. Both guys have new projects coming up--for McCullough, it'll be Standard Pour in Uptown, and for Martensen, a bar with Campbell in Downtown.

The Jack's Chow Hound truck had some technical difficulties last night so only Nammi Truck ended up feeding the hungry folks of Bar 828, but we're assured three food trucks should be stopping by tonight.

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