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Molly Maguire's Irish Pub Is Pinting No More

Eater Dallas received a few reader tips over the last week or so speculating that the Lakewood Irish pub Molly Maguire's would be closing, and on Saturday, the management confirmed the fact on Facebook with this note:

I'm sure everyone is aware by now, but just in case..

Unfortunately, the landlord terminated our lease. Apparently, they're searching for a "national-level tenant". Thanks for all the good times and memories.

--Joey & The Molly's Fam (Nichole, Crystalei, Ricky)

Teresa Gubbins over at Pegasus News has spoken with owner Ricky Woolfolk, who confirmed the bar's closing. The pub lost Chef Grant Morgan to a cushy gig at Bailey's Prime Plus back in July.

The Molly Maguire's Facebook friends are, predictably, not happy about a new "national-level tenant" moving into the space. Writes one: "Jeez--no wonder generic national chains are everywhere--apparently it's not okay not to be one!" With the Molly's closing and the recent loss of the Lakewood Bar And Grill, it looks like that 'hood is swiftly running out of neighborhood haunts that double as live music venues.

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[Photo: Molly Maguire's/Facebook]

Molly Maguire's

5815 Live Oak Street Dallas, TX 75214