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Granada Theater To Open "Chef-Driven" Restaurant

The old M Street Bar location will be turned into a "chef-driven" restaurant and beer garden by the owner of the Granada Theater next door, Mike Schoder. According to a press release sent out this afternoon, Schoder's aiming to open Sundown at Granada by "late 2011," and the theater's head chef, Patrick Stark, is on board to do the "casual" American menu. We're assured of vegetarian options, local and organic food wherever possible and "specialty cocktails, along with hand-crafted juices and teas that can be enjoyed alone or with spirits."

The restaurant's name comes from the tiny town of Sundown, Manitoba, where Schoder's mother and grandmother are from. The result: the opportunity to say "Meet me at Sundown!" a lot.


What: Sundown at Granada

Date: October 20, 2011

Location: 3520 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

Sundown at Granada will be a neighborhood beer garden and restaurant and the next business to make its home on Greenville Avenue. It is the brainchild of Mike Schoder, Owner & Operator of the historic Granada Theater. Sundown will be strategically located next door to the live music venue in the space formerly occupied by both The M Street Bar and Mike's Treehouse located at 3520 Greenville Avenue.

The renovation of the bar and double decker patio will begin immediately with a target opening date of late 2011. A chef-driven casual menu will be overseen by Granada Theater C.I.A. (Culinary Institute of America) trained Head Chef, Patrick Stark. The menu will feature American food with vegetarian options. Whenever possible, local and organic ingredients will be used in the dishes. It will serve an array of the finest beers and specialty cocktails, along with hand-crafted juices and teas that can be enjoyed alone or with spirits. Sundown at Granada will be a great place to meet up with friends, enjoy a delicious meal or unwind at happy hour. The beer garden and restaurant will make for great pre-parties and after-parties for the shows being held at the Granada Theater.

With a background in music, resort and hotel business, Mike has built the Granada Theater philosophy on catering to its customers. You can expect the same kind of great customer service as you would at the Granada Theater. Schoder says, "Our double decker patio will be a comfortable and friendly destination on Greenville Avenue. Sundown at Granada will bring big fun and great food to our neighborhood."

The venture is a testament to the growth in local Dallas business and the revitalization of Greenville Avenue. Founding two independent businesses (CD World and Granada Theater), Schoder has 20 years of experience on Greenville Avenue. “We’re thankful that so many wonderful residents have supported our independent music adventures, now allowing the beer garden and restaurant to become a reality.”

About 20 miles north of the Canadian border is the small town of Sundown, Manitoba (population under 100) where Schoder’s Mother Sharon and Grandmother Mary were raised. It was the place in the early 70’s where Schoder first learned to chop wood, work in a garden and drive a car all before he was 10 years old. Water for cooking was drawn from an outside well and the bathroom facility was an outhouse. Sundown was a meeting place for the large family on the weekends; where dining together, laughing and enjoying conversation was the mainstay. Drawing from these memories and based on the love of great food and drink along with spending time with good people, the spirit of Sundown is coming to life here in Dallas.

Meet me at Sundown!

The Granada Theater has been voted Best Live Music Venue 2007 - 2010. Built in 1946, the historic Granada Theater is locally owned and operated. The Granada staff is a collection of talented, experienced, professionals who appreciate continuing the legacy of this great building and the art that takes place inside.

· Granada Theater [Official]

The bar formerly known as M Street Bar. [Photo: Google Maps]

Sundown at Granada

3520 Greenville Avenue, , TX 75206 (214) 823-8305 Visit Website

Sundown At Granada

3520 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206