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Dough Authenticity Questioned; Polar Chill Pushed Out?

NORTH DALLAS -- Look, just because Dough Pizzeria Napoletana once said that it served authentic Pizza Napoletana on its website--until Friday, when Leslie Brenner called them out as only their San Antonio location is VPN certified--and just because its menu has a whole lot on it about authentic Pizza Napoletana, doesn't mean Dough is actually authentic Pizza Napoletana, and honestly, how could you even think Dough Pizza Napoletana meant to imply such a thing? [EatsBlog]

OAK CLIFF -- Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn stops by the re-named OC Smokehouse, formerly Luckie's. Despite Nhat Ngo's refigured management, the food is still unremarkable. He says: "that Southern Pride pit is still putting out over-tender ribs and tough smokeless brisket." [FCGB]

FAR NORTH DALLAS -- Beloved sno-cone stand Polar Chill is being ushered out of its little kiosk up at Arapaho and Hillcrest because it's an "eyesore." Owner Tony Atchison says he can't afford the retail spot his landlords offered him instead. [Advocate]

[Photo: Dough/Facebook]

Dough Pizzeria

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