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We're Hiring An Eater Dallas Editor. Might That Be You?

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Attention, would-be Eater bloggers: the time has come, all too soon, for Eater Dallas to take on new leadership, as I'm relocating to our state's more southerly climes. This is where you, hopefully, come in.

Effective this very second, we're looking for a Dallas resident who's mainlined into the soul of the city's dining scene to take over the job of Eater Dallas editor. This is a freelance gig with commensurate pay; you'll be able to work from anywhere you want so long as it keeps your ear close to ground for good restaurant and nightlife intel. If you think you fit the bill, drop an email to with a brief description about yourself and a paragraph or two about why you're interested in the job. If you've got a blog, please include a link to it as well. No resumes, please. If we like what we see, we'll be in touch quickly.

Thanks, y'all.