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Matt Holliday Destroys Bread Winners' Rangers Cookies

Pitcher Scott Feldman, one of your! Texas! Rangers! stopped by Bread Winners Cafe yesterday for lunch and, awkward, St. Louis Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday was there, too. A Texas Rangers cookie battle ensued. Bread Winners has the sugary play-by-play on their Facebook page. They're playing a little fast and loose with the spellings and whatnot, but you get the idea:

Scott Felman (Pitcher for Texas Rangers) came in for lunch today and was sitting on one side of the courtyard with his family, while Matt Halliday (center fielder for Saint Louis Cardinals) was on the other side of the courtyard with his family. A customer went up to the Coffee Bar counter and bought all the Texas Rangers gingerman cookies available.

This customer asked our waitress to take them over to Matt Halliday's table. At first they smirked at the gesture, then they decided to eat the heads off of the cookies. At the end of Matt Halliday's lunch the Ranger cookies were all gone, they told our waitress that their intent was to only eat the heads off, but the cookies were so good they ate the whole thing!

Is that a gauntlet we see there? Thrown? We think it is.

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[Photo: Bread Winners/Facebook]

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