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Scott Reitz Wishes Food Critics Would Quit Giving The McRib So Much Press In Blog Item About The McRib

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Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz observes today on City of Ate that the McDonald's McRib sandwich has returned: "A sandwich [McDonald's] can dangle over the Twittersphere, Facebook and the rest of the Internet and know that the masses will take the bait and run." Like any given Train record, the McRib is ubiquitous, tons of people like it, it sucks heavily and probably none of Reitz's readers who intend to eat a McRib even give two tiny shits, because if you're going to buy the new Train record, you kind of don't care if Robert Christgau thinks it's a steaming pile.

Of course, the Hipster Dreamboat does not deign to actually say much about the McRib, he just references other people saying some (negative, shockingly) things about it, and fast food generally. Like so:

Food critics love picking on fast food. Sam Sifton of The New York Times reviewed KFC's Double Down for his Diner's Journal Blog, calling the all chicken sandwich "a disgusting meal, a must-to-avoid". Francis Lam followed suit with a bite-by-bite take down of what he called a dare pretending to be a lunch.

But even in poking fun of the meal, they're still handing the chain restaurant free advertisement.

Free advertisements for the McRib are the worst! We're glad Reitz pointed that out in his illustrated blog entry about the McRib which links to a lot of other McRib coverage.

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An Oak Lawn Mickey D's. [Photo: Russell R./Yelp]