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D Profiles Crave DFW's "Insatiable Steven Doyle"

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Every once in a great while, the universe gifts us with something truly wond'rous: bacon-flavored whiskey, say, or fried biscuits and gravy. This month's D Magazine feature story on the ubiquitous Steven Doyle, the psuedo-journalist and professional schmoozer behind, is just such a gift. Jason Sheeler tails Doyle for an exhausting night out, watching the 40-something (strangely, Doyle refused to tell D how old he was) morph from gourmand to fanboy to VIP to, well, whatever Doyle needs to be to get his "scoop." Sheeler concludes:

Doyle wants it both ways. He wants to be both 20 years old and 40. He wants to be both consigliere and critic. He wants to be buddies with chefs but respected by journalists. He wants to be Dallas Dude and Steven Doyle. But right now he just wants to go to Victor Tangos and hang with Matt McCallister.
Read the whole glorious thing for a look inside the mind of one of Dallas' most dedicated food ... editors? Writers? Phenomena?

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Doyle and Sheeler stop, briefly, at the Marquee in Highland Park. [Photo: Marquee/Facebook]