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Texas Still Pretty Crappy, In Hanna Raskin's Opinion

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hannatalktx.jpgFormer Dallas Observer restaurant critic Hanna Raskin once again jumps at the opportunity to reiterate how nobody likes Texas, no seriously, Texas is awful, you should know that Hanna Raskin is not a fan of Texas, a place which sucks. This time, Eater Seattle (Raskin's not-so-new is gig at the Seattle Weekly, where she has a lot of time to keep up with bad news about Texas) catches her Tweeting about Top Chef: Texas contestants from her new home who also didn't like Texas. She tweets: "Seattleites had problems with Texas politics and topography. Look for my next newsflash: Bacon is popular." In her own defense, she jumps in in the comments saying, "I obviously bungled the phrasing of my tweets." [-ES-]