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Let's! Go! Rangers!; V Spot Opens; Hipster Coasters

RANGERSWIRE -- Probably the bar or restaurant of your choice is having some kind of Rangers-related event or special tonight, because tonight the Rangers are going to win their first-ever World Series. A sampling: 1/2 price drafts at La Grange in Deep Ellum, $5 house margaritas at Urban Taco, $10 Texas draft pitchers at Rathbun's Blue Plate, and on and on. Drive safe and clean up after yourselves, people.

DEEP ELLUM -- The social media-savvy folks at Cane Rosso on Commerce Street have created some of the best coasters of all time: hipster bingo to go underneath your beverage of choice. Tick off for jorts, sleeve tats, fixies ... the list goes on. [@CaneRosso]

HENDERSON -- City of Ate has a peek inside the new V Spot vegan cafe, over on Henderson. Interestingly, "there are no tofu or meat substitutes to be found." [City of Ate]

La Grange

, , Pays de la Loire 44330

La Grange

2704 Elm St Dallas, TX 75226