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Grazing Cow In Plano Closes Despite Fancy Beef

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The Grazing Cow Burgers, a grass-fed burger joint up in Plano, has closed because of a lack of business, reports Leslie Brenner over at the DMN's Eats Blog. It's all your fault, if you're a person who claims to be willing to pay for quality beef, because actually, nobody wants to pay for quality beef:

They just couldn't make it, co-owner Amy Martin told me on the phone. "Honestly, the only people who came in were couponers," she said. "People say they want to pay for great beef," she added, but they don't really.

Martin was using excellent locally raised, grass-fed beef from Burgundy Pasture Beef in Grandview, with 20% fat in the grind, and cooking them to order -- even rare.

Which prompts Brenner to ask:"is the coupon craze hurting the restaurant business?" Discuss.

· R.I.P. The Grazing Cow [EatsBlog]

[Photo: Grazing Cow/Yelp]

Grazing Cow

6100 Ave K Plano, TX 75074