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Peticolas Needs Swag; Dallas' Prohibition History

VICTORY -- Dallas' House of Blues will be offering a new menu from the Food Network's Aaron Sanchez, launching October 10th. It's part of a "new dining experience" called "Crossroads at House of Blues" and features chile-braised short ribs and street tacos. [PegasusNews]

DESIGN DISTRICT -- The Peticolas Brewing Company is getting its house in order, and they need your help. Per Facebook: "Wanted: Beer related signs, promos, advertisements, knick knacks etc." Dude's number is on their page if you can hook him up with some boozy swag. [Eaterwire]

BOOZEWIRE -- Speaking of boozing, in honor of Ken Burns' new Prohibition documentary airing on KERA this week, SideDish digs up some fascinating history on "Dripping Dry Dallas." [SideDish]

Remember that time the Mavs RULED THE WORLD? [Photo: HOB/Facebook]

House of Blues

2200 North Lamar Street Dallas, TX 75202