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Scott Reitz's Super Indie State Fair Guide

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Photo: Traveling Fools of America/Flickr

Not only is the State Fair of Texas like, the event equivalent of U2 or something, but you people just keep falling for it year after year even though it peaked in 1987 when the Patriotic Cornmeal Biscuits were the effing Joshua Tree of fair food and after that everything was just basically all collabo stuff and reissues and stadium tours. Why not take a journey with Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz of the Dallas Observer to see the real State Fair of Texas, not that crappy pap you've been fawning over just because it's fried? On City of Ate yesterday Reitz was all, "Nice Mumford & Sons shirt bro, listen up."

So when the State Fair of Texas kicked off Friday, I was more than excited to check it out. Not for the kraut balls, fried Oreos and other dishes compared to feces from Hasbro toys, but for the other foods that haven't gotten a deluge of press this year.
Allow Reitz to introduce you to Taste of Cuba's Cuban sandwich from one Issac Rousso, the guy who recorded created deep fried salsa. It's like this: You were all man! The White Stripes are the best band ever! And all you did was listen to "Seven Nation Army" on repeat before Scott Reitz was like Dude, pop on this Dead Weather record, and then you were all, that's rad, man.

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The State Fair of Texas

3921 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75210