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Salum Talks Mexican Food; Chicken & Dumplings Contest

Photo: Komali/Facebook

UPTOWN -- Abraham Salum of Komali talks to EntreeDallas about his new contemporary Mexican restaurant, saying "you won't find Velveeta in my kitchen." The restaurant makes its own tortillas and offers 90 different tequilas. [EntreeDallas]

HALTOM CITY -- The owners of The Eatery in Haltom City are offering bowls of chicken and dumplings for $6 during October, and the person who can put away the most bowls in one sitting gets free chicken and dumplings for the rest of the year. Why you'd want any more at that point, however .... [Eaterwire]

FISHWIRE -- Chef Randy Morgan talks to Steven Doyle about the new menu he's developed for the Fish City Grill chain. " He says he likes it when the small suppliers he works with "share those special catches with me." [CraveDFW]


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