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Singlewide Re-Opening With Weekend-Long Party

Photo: Singlewide/Facebook

Here's some more good re-opening news today: the Singlewide, which took over the old Winedale Tavern (R.I.P.) address on Lowest Greenville earlier this year, is hosting a huge, weekend-long re-opening party to celebrate the return of the skinny space. "We shut down to clean up a few little messes from previous ownership," the bar's Kim Finch tells Eater Dallas, "but everything is all squared away and we are ready to roll."

Lowest Greenville is presently undergoing some serious renovations as part of a huge public improvement project, and we asked Finch for her thoughts on the seemingly non-stop construction in front of her bar: "Of course they are always a few things that can be a hassle on a huge project like that," she says, "but it will all be worth it in the end." She says they're "definitely excited for all the improvements."

Tonight's re-opening festivities get rolling at 4 p.m., and RTB2 will play at 10:30 p.m. Tomorrow, Corey Howe plays at 3:30 and DJ Hammertimez will spin tomorrow night, with Scaraoke on Sunday afternoon and The O's closing out the weekend at 9 p.m.

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