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Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse Reopens At 11 a.m. Today

After a fire damaged buildings behind the original Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse early last week, the restaurant is re-opening today at 11 a.m., according to a post on their Facebook page. Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn went to check out the scene himself on September 26, writing, "the smell of a spent fire hung in the air that was very much unlike the hickory smoke that generally emanates from the building."

The cause of the fire was later ruled to have been started by a person--"incendiary." Yesterday, the restaurant's management wrote on their Facebook page: "INWOOD UPDATE: Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse will re-open its original Dallas location on Inwood Road tomorrow (10/7) at 11 am. Hope to see everyone then!"

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[Photo: Sonny Bryan's/Facebook]

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse

2202 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75235-7321