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Best Bathroom Nominee: Neighborhood Services Tavern

[Photos: Andrea Grimes/EDFW]

For the Eater Awards 2011 we're taking a look at a lesser appreciated side of restauranting: bathrooms. Earlier this year we asked you to tell us which bathrooms were the best in town, and we narrowed it down to three top-notch urination stations: Stephan Pyles, Tei-An and Neighborhood Services Tavern. In order to facilitate a more informed voting process, we visited all three locations, grabbed some photos and had a nice long ... think.

For our second installment, we present Neighborhood Services Tavern, easily the most comfortable public restrooms in town. What our photos don't show is the bathroom audio--a book-on-tape recording of Ewan McGregor reading James Bond novels. But our photos do show the thoughtful extras. In the guys' room, decked out like a half-locker room with a shaving kit and peroxide, you'll find a bathrobe and photos of old-school film vixens. In the ladies' room, there's a thoughtful jar of feminine hygiene products, mouthwash, Q-Tips and fresh flowers.

Voting for Best Bathroom will take place tomorrow morning.

Neighborhood Services Tavern

2405 N Henderson Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75206 214 827 2405