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Dallas Beer Festival Canceled Due To Slow Ticket Sales

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Once, we lived in a time of plenty. A time of joy. A time of taking a moment for the simple pleasures of life--a child's laugh, a new puppy, a Target gift card. But those times are over, friends. Now, we live in a world without a Dallas Beer Festival. This Saturday's event was set to be the culmination of Dallas Beer Week, held at Fair Park and dedicated only to small, craft breweries--which means the event didn't have a large corporate sponsor. It also had "extremely slow" ticket sales. Event backers Cathy and Jay Rascoe wrote yesterday evening on the Dallas Beer Week blog that they decided to cancel the event.

You’ve seen other large-scale beer events in Dallas in the last year, which have been sponsored by large-scale breweries you’re familiar with. As avid craft beer fans, we chose to create this festival without these sponsors. However, ticket sales have been extremely slow, and in recent days, it has become increasingly apparent that the financial risk is just too high for us to take. We’d really like to get this right the first time around, but we just haven’t been able to generate the interest this festival needs to succeed this year.
Cathy Rascoe told City of Ate that they only sold 100 advance tickets, whereas the news of the festival's cancellation has, as of this blog post, 234 Facebook shares. So 134 of you jerks interested in the Dallas Beer Festival have only yourselves to blame for not putting your money where their beer was.

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Drown your sorrows in a Dallas Beer Week event tonight at the Blackfriar, where they'll be showing folks how to properly pour Hefeweizen. [Photo: Blackfriar Pub/Facebook]

Black Friar Pub

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