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This Is "Research" At Soon-To-Open Bolsa Mercado

Photo: Bolsa/Facebook

"Were doing extensive research... Some one has to do it!" write the Bolsa folks on their Facebook page in advance of the new Bolsa Mercado's opening, which should be "in a couple of weeks," according to co-owner Chris Jeffers. Announced back in September, Bolsa Mercado's an extension of the existing Bolsa restaurant that will act as a wine market, cafe and prep kitchen headed up by Chef Matt Balke.

Eater Dallas salutes Bolsa Mercado's fortitude and their dedication to the delicious beer cause. Wonder how much more "research" they'll have done before the Mercado opens?

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614 West Davis Street, , TX 75208 (214) 367-9367 Visit Website

Bolsa Mercado

634 W Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 214-942-0051

Bolsa Mercado

634 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208