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Twin Creeks Cafe Serves Full Meals Inside Honda Dealer

Because nothing could possibly be as relaxing as enjoying a delicious sandwich while a car sales person waits to sink his or her teeth into your pocketbook, the Twin Creeks Cafe is expanding their opening hours inside the new Frank Kent Honda in Fort Worth to better serve the hungry car buyers of Fort Worth. If you like your beef tenderloin with a side of that new car smell, Bud "Eats Beat" Kennedy has the details on David Rotman's new joint (he used to run Cafe Aspen).

A year after David Rotman closed his west-side restaurant, he is back in business with the same lunch menu -- but inside a new car sales and service showroom. He is still serving platters such as salmon or beef tenderloin with asparagus and the familiar Aspen salads. But now it's over the counter at Twin Creeks Cafe, inside the showy new Frank Kent Honda. Rotman is serving a lunch-and-early-dinner menu that includes the coriander-chicken salad, Caribbean chicken or spinach salad from Aspen, along with a daily lunch special for $8.99.
Starting Monday, they'll be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., weekdays and Saturdays. Insert joke about low, low APR here.

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Cozy! [Photo: Frank Kent Motor Company/Facebook]

Twin Creeks Cafe

3400 W. Loop 820 S., Fort Worth, TX