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Brownstone's Russ Davis To Launch Drifting Bistro Truck (Updated! With Menu Details!)

We first heard about the Drifting Bistro food truck from Big D Food Trucks, but the blog was tight-lipped about the identity of the "executive sous chef at a Ft. Worth restaurant with over a decade of restaurant experience and has decided that it's time to get their own thing going." Today, we know more: the Drifting Bistro truck, to launch early in 2012, is the foodbaby of Russ Davis of the Brownstone Restaurant in Fort Worth, thanks to a newly updated Facebook page, the finer points of which Davis apparently had some trouble wrapping his brain around.

So far the Drifting Bistro's page is full of decidedly un-food-trucky photography: wine cellars and oysters are not the first things that come to mind when we think "meals on wheels." But whatever, we're mainly hoping Davis' sudden and brave unmasking on Facebook had something to do with yesterday's tweet: "6 small glasses of wine are so much better than 3 normal glasses."

UPDATE: Davis got back to us when we asked about his menu, writing, "I can tell you that I will not have 1 niche style of food. Instead, I plan on having up to a half a dozen menu items all representing different regions of the country and/or world...again, this is going to be simple food, that is familiar and comforting. I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel." He also says "the ball has started moving a little faster" and that he may launch sooner than 2012, but most likely only in Fort Worth. He writes: "I have heard that permitting in Dallas is tough...but I'm a Fort Worth's hard to get us to go to Dallas regardless...."

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The Drifting Bistro logo. [Photo: Drifting Bistro/Facebook]