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Is The DMN Too Classy To Review Bar Food?

Today on the Dallas Morning News' EatsBlog, sometime-reviewer Kim Pierce says she (and her, crrrringe, "Sig-O") stopped by the new People's Last Stand Bar And Bistro in Mockingbird Station and had a delicious time, declaring it "a fine spot for eating as well as enjoying cutting-edge cocktails." But don't get your hopes up for a real review, because "it really is a cocktail lounge with food, so it's not likely to be reviewed (although Leslie Brenner has the last word on that.)"

Which Eater Dallas thought was kind of weird, because Leslie Brenner has, in recent memory, reviewed Dee Lincoln's, which is basically a champagne bar, and Social 121, which seems to want to be a nightclub with a (very good) chef. A "half-bar, half-bistro" like the People's Last Stand doesn't cut the daily newspaper mustard?

Other reviewers appear happy to sit down and give their seasoned palates some bar food for thought. Here's, say, Scott Reitz at RedFork Tavern and the Katy Trail Ice House. The People's Last Stand even employs an actual chef--his name's John Hickey and he makes a Ghandi sandwich that Kim Pierce "loved." With more and more gastro-pubs and cocktail-joints-cum-restaurants (see: Chesterfield, The) launching around town, Eater Dallas hopes Leslie Brenner's "last word" about reviewing bar food is a slurred one.

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[Photo: People's Last Stand/Facebook]

The People's Last Stand

5319 East Mockingbird Lane, , TX 75206 (214) 370-8755 Visit Website

People's Last Stand

5319 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 210 Dallas, TX 75206