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Join Chef DAT For Post-Holiday Stuffing And Soul

Once you've sufficiently recovered from Thursday's gut-busting-turkey-stravaganza, consider turning an eye toward this nutty underground party and dinner combo that Chef David Anthony Temple, a.k.a. Chef DAT, has planned for Friday night. From the Chef DAT official underground-but-not-underground mailing list that you probably should be on (e-mail Chef DAT to sign up), here are the details, Chef DAT's freewheeling grammatical stylings and all:

We are gonna have a big party the day after Thanksgiving with Soul Food, DJ EZ Eddie D(of nationwide Hip Hop fame for one of the longest running hip-hop shows in radio history on local KNON) and bread by Donato and Carolyn Milano of La Spiga Bakery (! The dinner will be $70/person + gratuity (cash only) and the party begins at 7pm! We will need EVERYONE to confirm their reservation via email as quickly as possible. We have limited seats still available. The address will be sent out on Friday morning and the dinner will be BYOB (we will have free Pabst Blue Ribbon and Gin n Juice!!). Geaux Tigers! Who dat said dey gonna beat dem Saints? Lassiez les bon temps roulez! Have a Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!
We're exhausted just reading it. But not as exhausted as we'd be after that dinner.

· Chef DAT [Official]

[Photo: Chef DAT/Official]