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Dallas Vegan Community Fails To Sustain Jackalope Truck

The Jackalope Mobile Vegan Kitchen, Dallas' first and only vegan food truck (with a fancy Chicago pedigree, no less) will cease to be Dallas' first and only vegan food truck, as they plan to begin serving meat to keep their business alive, according to owner Alex Salas. He tells Eater Dallas, "We are not getting enough support from the vegan community to keep our business running."

After an ominous Facebook status update wherein Salas said he'd let fans know "if we will continue serving," Eater Dallas contacted the meat-free truckster to find out more. After less than a month in operation, the Jackalope is "changing our concept to include meat." Salas says he's doing it to make sure his father, who invested in the truck, gets a return on his investment. "I have to do what I have to do for my parents," he told us.

He went on to say that he hopes his "years of fine dining experience in Chicago" will work in Dallas, but that "Dallas folks don't know anything about food," preferring corporate food to hand-made. He adds: "I hope I don't have to start selling frozen food to make money."

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[Photo: Jackalope/Facebook]