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RedFork Tavern "Closed For The Winter"

The troubled RedFork Tavern hasn't been able to find its footing since it opened last summer--first, chefs Jeff Harris and Matt Balke jumped ship just over a month into the restaurant's existence, citing "creative differences" with investors--and new chef Ryan Carbery couldn't seem to strike the right note, earning two stars from the Dallas Morning News and a tepid review from the Dallas Observer. Now, they've posted a sign on the door advising patrons that they're "closed for the winter," reports Teresa Gubbins over at Pegasus News.

She talks to manager Stephen Goniwiecha, who tells her RedFork will re-open with more of a neighborhood bar feel, getting away from the problem many critics have complained about: the restaurant is simply too loud and too sports bar-like for the high-end, chef-driven menu.

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[Photo: RedFork/Facebook]

RedFork Tavern

2537 N Fitzhugh Ave Dallas, TX 75206