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Chesterfield Shares Details Of "Golden Age" Bar, Resto

The DMN's Eats Blog has already provided the Dallas food community with much of what we know about The Chesterfield, Eddie "Lucky" Campbell's new downtown bar and restaurant modeled around the early 1900's, the "golden age of cocktails," but a press release sent out today offers a little more. (And, notably, a little less: original partner Michael Martensen, who tweeted this cryptic remark last week, is of course no longer involved with the project and nowhere to be found in the press release, which gives most of the credit to Campbell.) The restaurant will open in "late 2011," so you know, we're looking at our watches here, same as you.

From the release: guests will order drinks from an "11 chapter menu, modeled after the first American cocktail manuals," which will be made at a bar that will be "one of the most technically engineered in Dallas," with "illuminated ice blocks, bottled house-made mixers, and a chilled produce bar." Chef Michael Ehlert, from New York City, will concentrate on small plates like coffee poblano braised short ribs and hand-made flatbreads and sandwiches.

Here's the whole flakky shebang:

New Bar & Restaurant Set To Open In the Heart of Downtown Dallas

Modeled After the Barrooms of the Early 1900’s Considered “The Golden Age of Cocktails”

Dallas, Texas (November 28, 2011) - The Chesterfield is the creation of celebrated barman Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, who earned his stripes at The Mansion On Turtle Creek before making himself a fixture in Dallas’ burgeoning craft cocktail scene.

Campbell’s thirst and intense curiosity to continually learn more about the history of all things spirituous lead him to design his first bar and restaurant, in partnership with Ed Bailey, after the barrooms of the early 1900’s during what is widely considered “The Golden Age of Cocktails”. The Chesterfield is named after one of the most recognized brands of cigarettes from the early 20th century.

Guests will order cocktails from an 11 chapter menu, modeled after the first American cocktail manuals, arranged by style of drink - sours, fizzes, smashes, juleps, etc. Mixed into these chapters, guests can also expect cocktails smoked-to-order, in addition to modern chapters with seasonal and house specialties called classics re-crafted. The Chesterfield’s bar will be one of the most technically engineered in Dallas. Each bar station will have a freezer, refrigerated drawer, access to illuminated ice blocks, bottled house-made mixers, and a chilled produce bar top display. They will also feature one of the most extensive ice programs in the south, including ice chipped from blocks, cubed, flaked, made from molds and flavored.

Taking the reins in the kitchen is Executive Chef Michael Ehlert who comes to Dallas via DBGB Kitchen & Bar in New York. Ehlert’s new American menu will be anchored in classical technique with chef-inspired creations that include intimate small plates such as coffee poblano braised short ribs, to hand-made flatbreads, salads, sandwiches, pasta and full dinners.

Located in a landmark building built in 1896, the Chesterfield, designed by Raymond Jurado will open late 2011. Guests will enter through an interior patio modeled after a Paris sidewalk café, complete with French settees, illuminated archway, etched glass windows and a French door system that retracts to the walls. The 44-seat restaurant features original exposed brick walls patched with brick from the Chicago warehouse fires and wood floors from an 1870 Carolina tobacco farm. Paying homeage to the by-gone era of elegance from the 1900’s are crystal empire chandeliers, damask fabric walls and ornate crown moldings. The Brunswick-style dark wood bar features 13 Manchester swivel wingback barstools. Across from the bar is a winding leather-tufted booth with a mix of vintage oversized wingback, nouveau and club chairs.


Scheduled to open late 2011, The Chesterfield is located in downtown Dallas at 1404 Main St. The bar and restaurant will open seven days a week for dinner from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Shortly after opening, lunch will be available from noon to 3 p.m. Brunch will be available early 2012. Reservations are accepted during dinner, walk-ins welcome. Valet available. For more information call 214-741-2811 visit or follow us at

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[Photo: The Chesterfield/Facebook]

The Chesterfield

1404 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201 214 741 2811 Visit Website

The Chesterfield

1404 Main Street, Dallas, TX