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Restaurateurs Call Woodshed Bidding Process Unfair

woodshedsign150.jpgFort Worth restaurateurs are upset they didn't get a chance to bid on the chance to occupy the space Tim Love's new Woodshed Smokehouse will occupy along the Trinity River in Fort Worth. Per the Star-Telegram, executive director of the Trinity River Vision Authority J.D. Granger says he asked around to see if anyone wanted the spot and "worked to find restaurateurs successful with open-air sites." 8.0 (and Flying Saucer and Flying Fish) owner Shannon Wynne and David Shaw of Shaw's on Magnolia say they deserved a shot at the spot. From the article, Wynne's quoted as saying, "I don't know how Tim got the call, but he's a lucky guy to get it," then, "We weren't asked and so I was upset." [Star-Telegram]

Woodshed Smokehouse

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