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Jackalope Truck Thanks Vegan Community For Support

The now-closed Jackalope Mobile Vegan Kitchen, which told Eater Dallas last week that it wasn't "getting enough support from the vegan community to keep our business running," and that "Dallas folks don't know anything about food," has changed its vegan tune in a Facebook post over the weekend, in which the truck's owners say they would like to "thank everyone in the Dallas vegan community for their support." From the Facebook post:

Jackalope would like to thank everyone in the Dallas vegan community for their support. We would like to personally thank Dallas Vegan Roundup, Little Eden, BigALittleA, Spiral Diner & Bakery and Texas Mercy For Animals for their contributions in the community. Jackalope Mobile Kitchen was owned by the Salas Group, and the truck itself is being turned over to the owners, who will develop their own name and concept for the truck. This decision was made by the executives of the Salas Group and not by the associates of JMK.
Alex Salas had originally told Eater Dallas that the Jackalope would begin selling meat to protect his parents' investment in the truck, but news came Friday that the truck would close. In the weekend's Facebook post they go on to add that "it is definitely not our intention to reflect poorly on the vegan community."

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[Photo: Jackalope Truck/Facebook]