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Social 121's Complimentary $5 Valet Parking

social121small.jpgSocial 121 suffers from a serious case of Delusional Valetphrenia, the belief that installing wholly unnecessary valet service at your restaurant makes classy. DMN critic Leslie Brenner parked in a non-coned-off space in Social 121's empty lot with no "valet required" sign, but was confronted by a valet, to whom she forked over $5 and the keys at the valet's insistence. Later, Social 121's manager apologized and told her valet is complimentary. (Interestingly, Social 121 just told us via Facebook that valet is only free before 9 p.m.) Brenner says she finds it "insane" to be forced to use a valet in a spacious lot. To which we say: welcome to Dallas, Dallas resident Leslie Brenner. [EatsBlog]