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Rohst Fails Reitz; Social 121 Sings; Ninja Sushi Surprises

Here's where the critics ate this week.

DALLAS OBSERVER -- Scott Reitz tries to like new Lower Greenville "Koreanish" place Rohst, but there's not much there to work with. He's miffed by the safe American dishes--an avocado grilled chicken club sandwich, really?--and failed bibimbap. He says the fusion execution "gets garbled in translation on some dishes and completely lost on others," like the pork bulgogi taco covered in ... cheddar cheese.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS -- Mark Vamos visits Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine up by the Galleria, and awards it three stars. He finds himself surrounded by Indian folk and observes "It’s always a good sign when a restaurant is popular with the people who know a cuisine." He also recommends the goat dishes, and if you're squeamish, just "Think of it as lamb with weird eyes."

DALLAS VOICE -- Abraham Salum is the "Ciudaddio" at Komali, reviewed by Arnold Wayne Jones. Jones likes that Komali has "resisted the allure to Texify its menu," and loves the mole sauce. At the bar, he says Leann Barry has "crafted an array of addictive cocktails."

DFW.COM -- Malcom Mayhew visits Grapevine's newest, buzziest restaurant, Mi Dia From Scratch. He likes the sopes appetizer, filling and tasty enough to be an entree, and a banana leaf-wrapped salmon dish is the "perfect balance of sweet and spicy." He also likes the duck tacos and notes that the menu's verily packed with tequilas.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS -- Leslie Brenner treks up to restaurant-cum-nightclub Social 121, formerly Loft 610 in far north Plano. She gives the place three stars, noting that Tré Wilcox's former sous chef, now executive chef Jason Skinner is "responsible for that." She's moved by the appetizers, especially the crab cakes, though entrees are "less consistently wonderful," barring the Maker’s Mark pork chop, which Brenner loves. She adds that service can be "just plain weird." Like the time her server didn't appear to know the difference between a chicken breast and chicken thigh.

DFW.COM -- Preston Jones is pleasantly surprised by Ninja Sushi in Arlington, which "doesn't inspire confidence from the outside." But inside, he finds sushi that "ranges from passable (the spicy tuna roll, $4.95 for six to eight pieces) to shockingly good." He also likes the spicy ramen soup and shrimp tempura from the buffet.

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