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Campo Modern Country Bistro Opens Tonight

campologo.jpgCampo Modern Country Bistro doesn't yet have their liquor license, but that's not going to stop them from opening their Beckley Avenue restaurant, which features a Buenos Aires-inspired menu with a European flare. That means you can't try one of their signature Campo Pisco drinks just yet, but you can enjoy tableside coffee service and the house-made charcuterie. In the kitchen we have Chef Matt McCallister consulting, with Brad Hensarling developing cocktails. Cultivar Coffee does the caffeine and Coevál Studios (of Lumi, Hacienda San Miguel fame) did the restaurant design. They'll be open at 6 p.m. [EaterWire]

CampO Modern Country Bistro

1115 N Beckley Avenue, Dallas, TX 75203 214 946 1308