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Hypnotic Donut Drama With North Dallas Lock-Out

We got all excited last week when we found out that Hypnotic Donuts was moving to its own storefront in East Dallas--they'd been sharing a space on weekends with the Pizza Guy up on Preston Road, but it was time for junior to go all grows up and get his own joint. Looks like it was just in time, too: with no notice to the Hypnotic folks, Pizza Guy got locked out of their storefront over the weekend due to lack of rent payment. The laid-back donut makers wrote on their Facebook page, "Sorry hyppies but went to go get stuff ready for the weekend and could not get in." Later, they Tweeted, maintaining a little of their characteristic cheer:

"VENT I discovered the doors were locked going up there to get ready for the weekend. 3 months ago they were locked on a freaking Saturday." Then, "VENT cont'. Ok you are having a hard time paying rent. Just call and tell me. Do not make me find out on my own. Oh- Good morning all."
We shot 'em an e-mail just now, and they say they're still not sure what the deal is, but are "working on it." In the meantime, progress on the East Dallas storefront continues--and "Hyppies" may have to wait until the proper store opens in a few weeks to get their donutty fix.

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[Photo: Hypnotic Donuts/Facebook]

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