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Nancy Nichols Turns Her Chair Around

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marquee150.jpgNancy Nichols makes an excellent point in her essay entitled, "Steven Doyle, who did not hang the moon, is not actually a journalist but rather an overly enthusiastic food blogger who doesn't disclose all the free shit he gets and clearly has a limited understanding of what actual journalism looks like when it's done properly." Okay, so we're paraphrasing her SideDish piece today wherein she finally weighs in on Doyle, the Crave DFW maestro and subject of a recent D Magazine feature story about his remarkable schmoozing skills. But it's the gist. Doyle hated the piece, calling it "mean-spirited and odd." We're guessing he's also not crazy about Nichols' take today: "Doyle is a cheerleader masquerading as reporter and he is setting a dangerous precedent for food bloggers following his lead." [SideDish]