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Polls Are Open! Who Is Dallas' Chef Of The Year?

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This week we're in an Eater Awards 2011 frenzy, asking y'all to help us pick the best of eats, drinks, chefs and more in Dallas. Yesterday, we asked you to tell us what the hottest restaurant in town was in our So Hot Right Now poll, and you narrowed it down to three lucky locales: Dough Pizzeria, Oddfellows and Komali, which squeezed into the top three by literally one vote.

Today, we're taking a more personal approach, asking you to help us decide which of our selection of very talented local chefs is most deserving of our Chef Of The Year title. The competition is stiff--we've got veterans like Jon Bonnell on the ballot as well as newcomers like Nicole Van Camp--so we ask you to think seriously about your click-vote. Very seriously. SRS. And why so serious? Because only your votes can help us decide, come Monday, who'll come out on top when the winners of the Eater Awards are announced.

As with every poll this week, we've put forth our nominees and asked Eater readers to narrow the field down to three, after which our editors will choose the winner from the finalists. The Chef Of The Year poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed.

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