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Eater's MoW* Guide to Holiday Party Eats in Dallas

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Mac 'n' Cheese, BBQ, Pulled Pork, and Chicken Parm photos via Shutterstock.
Every Man of the World* has a Heineken BeerTender®. After all, it lets you have the premium experience of pouring fresh Heineken draught beer right at home. It's probably the greatest gift in the world. Secretly, you'd love to buy one for yourself, but you can't. It's the holidays after all — buying yourself a gift looks selfish.

Until now. Introducing BeerFriender, a first of its kind Facebook application that matches you up with a like-minded stranger who's also in the market for a BeerTender®. Instead of buying BeerTenders for yourselves, the app makes it look like you bought them for each other. It’s going to change gift-giving as we know it.

Now that you are set with your BeerTender®, it’s obviously time to throw the perfect holiday party. Check out our list of Dallas' best to-go-friendly food spots to accompany your home-poured draught.

1.) Bolsa: Dallas' original locally sourced, organic-minded restaurant that combines comfort food and class.

2.) Smoke Restaurant: Serving barbecue all dressed up in a tux, Smoke's redefining what it means to eat one of the world's oldest dishes.

3.) Meddlesome Moth: Gastro-pub fare with a classy, European edge and globe-trotting menu.

4.) Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen: Manly man-snacks made for dudes who like the finer things in life.

5.) Lonesome Dove: Celebrity cowboy chef Tim Love's paradise of beef, booze and exotic meats.

6.) The Commissary: The Commissary is the gourmet burger joint that gourmet burgers dream of being gastronomically destroyed at.

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro

2406 N Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76164 817 740 8810


901 Fort Worth Avenue, , TX 75208 (214) 393-4141 Visit Website


614 West Davis Street, , TX 75208 (214) 367-9367 Visit Website

Meddlesome Moth

1621 Oak Lawn Avenue, , TX 75207 (214) 628-7900 Visit Website

The Commissary [CLOSED]

1722 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201