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Dirty Dozen Posts Tomorrow; Tamales Prove La Popular

KNOX-HENDERSON -- Kent Rathbun will once again pass out personalized chef's jackets at Abacus during the ultimate in uber-Dallasy, hands-on culinary experiences. The January to June Dirty Dozen schedule will post tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. and registration is by email only. If you hunt and peck, hire a ringer. If you're poor, find an investor.

FORT WORTH -- Despite their high rank on the line, chefs still find time to read -- cookbooks. Notable FW executive chefs offered the StartleGram their favorite selections for the year. Dena Peterson of Cafe Modern totally cheated and picked a memoir. [Star-Telegram]

OLD EAST DALLAS -- CraveDFW Doyled "doctor of tamalogy" Jesse Moreno Sr. and his son Jesse Jr. at La Popular in the OED and asked them a few questions about their specialty. Lately, Sr. finds himself dreaming of masa and husks, which is odd, because the same goes for us. [CraveDFW]

[Photo: Abacus/Official]


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