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Luscher Builds Bizarre Terrine; Breaks For Food Trucks

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LOWER GREENVILLE -- City of Ate's Alice Laussade gave Brian Luscher of the Grape a big ol' box of crap. Then she asked him to make something delicious out of it, because she is saucy and bold. Luscher is also saucy and bold, so he did do. A "Vienna Sausage Spam Cheetos Quail Egg Terrine," in fact. Yes, there are photos ... and video. [City of Ate]

TRUCKWIRE -- Food trucks not originally born as food trucks (read: converted buses, step vans or trailers) now have a wheel to roll on, thanks to Angela Hunt and the Dallas “Quality of Life” committee's proposals to change permit requirements. Dallas City Council passed the changes and Dallasites who love handheld foods rejoiced. [SideDish]

OAK CLIFF -- Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate does not -- repeat -- does not dig on the sea salt caramel, nor the chocolate covered bacon. She said as much during a Dallas by Chocolate Tour. She does, however, enjoy the fruits of yesterday's labor. [CraveDFW]

[Photo: The Grape/Facebook]

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The Grape

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