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Duni Borga Dishes Desserts; Something's Fishy At Campo

KNOX-HENDERSON -- Dunia "Duni" Borga tells the tale of how she one-upped her doting husband, Taco, to create the cuatros leches cake. Entree: Dallas also extracted this fruity tidbit from the sweet chef: It took four freakin' years before La Duni customers tried her guava and cheese agloria. Ugh. Who were those people? [Entree: Dallas]

STACHEWIRE -- Looks like Cane Rosso is proud of its facial hair, and the facial hair-growing efforts of its customers. The Jay Jerrier outfit posted a video featuring cooking, eating and charitable Movember scenes (are public mustache rides charitable?) from CR as well as several other Dallas eateries. [Eaterwire]

OAK CLIFF -- Kim Pierce over at Eats Blog is back on the Total Catch beat. She's got a line out on Campo's Matt McCallister who is planning a six-course Total Catch dinner for January 24, using bycatch, the unintentionally caught fish (read: not the target snappers, tunas, etc.) normally thrown out after haul-in. The dinner is limited to 50 so act accordingly. [Eats Blog]

La Duni Latin Cafe. [Photo: La Duni/Official]

CampO Modern Country Bistro

1115 N Beckley Avenue, Dallas, TX 75203 214 946 1308

La Duni Latin Cafe

4620 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX 75205