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Guide Gets Impatient, Finds Things

Dallas Morning News' Guide enjoyed a redesign a few weeks ago and with it comes some new fondly features.

Leslie Brenner points us in the direction of former FD Luxe managing editor Jessica Elliott's new offering, The Impatient Palate. She says the column will feature fast-casual dining experiences, and we're assuming some toe-tapping and finger drumming if meals don't show pretty damn fast. First victim Snappy Salads fared well [rimshot!].

Brenner herself will be penning The Find, a "mini-feature" as she dubs it. She's asking for tips on good finds in the area and her first discovery is Lah Me Restaurant's banh canh tom thit, or, Vietnamese noodle soup that isn't pho. The mini-feetch will alternate some weeks in the Guide with New In Town, on a schedule we like to call "When LB finds a Find she feels like writing about."

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[Photo: Snappy Salads/Facebook]