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The Mighty Rahr: Best Reason Not To Shave?

Photo: Rahr & Sons Brewing Co./Facebook

When it comes to local breweries, the DFDubs is starting to amass quite the collection. After seeing this distribution truck pic we have begun to wonder just how many big beards contribute to the quality beers of North Texas thanks to Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. So we asked.

We haven't received a response just yet, but in fairness, Rahr's official business hours are Wednesdays through Sundays, so we've got fingers crossed and coasters set out for the remainder of the week.

Update: Erin Rahr responded, "Five out of eight full time guys have big beards!" while Tony, aka @BeerPedaler, tweeted to us in his response, "We lost one to a Halloween costume. Countless other volunteer beards." Thanks, Erin and Tony. The suspense was sweet, but the answer even more satisfying.

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Rawr & Sons Brewing Co.

701 Galveston Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76104