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You Like Soup Don't You?; Boxing Day 101

SOUPWIRE -- In anticipation of the January issue, the Advocate has released two videos (well, one's a slideshow) showcasing soupy subjects Henk's European Deli and Black Forest Bakery and Eno's Pizza Tavern. [Advocate]

CHEFWIRE -- Inspired by the Forbes feature on food-centrics "it" peeps under 30, Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz made his own list of Dallas' young, powerful chefs. Brady Williams wins best pose. [City of Ate]

CANADAWIRE -- Dear Dallas, You can't possibly want to be inside Canada as much as Nancy Nichols on Boxing Day. Please pass that mac and cheese, thanks. [SideDish]

[Photo: Eno's Pizza Tavern/Facebook]

Eno's Pizza Tavern

407 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX 75208