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Gubbins' Top 10 Openings Says Dallas Is Back To Basics

Teresa Gubbins has released her list of the 10 biggest DFW restaurant openings of the year and though some might quibble here and there, the list is a fairly expected who's who of critical acclaim, community supporters and active social networkers (there's no way you can miss Lockhart or Cane Rosso on Facebook or Twitter).

Gubbins' list spans handmade Mexican to Texas barbecue to Deep Ellum's roving oven. It hits East Dallas' Goods, a Top Cheftestant and lots and lots of local-happy cuisine. And those venue's successes will speak to the ever-growing trends (or are they returns?) of hyper-local, farm-to-table and more. All of it comfort food, to some degree.

But it is, perhaps, this comment from the illustrious Stephan Pyles that offers the most interesting take on the year:

"Restaurants had a better year in 2011 than 2010," said chef-restaurateur Stephan Pyles. "I'm not sure if you know that '09 and '10 were devastating. But we were up a little this year, so I'll take anything. And we're optimistic about next year, too."
It's interesting not only because of the statement itself, but also because if we're not mistaken, Pyles doesn't really have anything to do with any of the listed restaurants. In fairness, Gubbins linked the two with a mention of 2011 having been a "propitious" year for openings and a "turn-around" for fine dining. Also, when does one turn down the opportunity to cap off the year with a Stephan Pyles quote?

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[Photo: Lockhart Smokehouse/Facebook]

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