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Dallas Chinese Food 101

Scott "Hipster Dreamboat" Reitz proclaims today on City of Ate that while he isn't Jewish, he's good at putting away drinks, movies and Chinese food on Christmas. In addition, SHDR likes to over-achieve. That is to say, he doesn't just want to drink, he'll be getting drunk ... and possibly aiming for a five-way.

Wait, what?

While Reitz hasn't actually eaten at any of the restaurant featured on the list of Best Chinese Restaurants, he just might do 'em all on Christmas. Because he's both that generous and that hungry. Sort of like if Santa if were a hipster who drove an old VW Thing instead of a sleigh. And ate steam buns instead of cookies.

But anyway.

The DO staffers and some readers picked a fine selection of usual suspects -- among them, Royal China, Howard Wang's and Maxim's.

Added bonus: Today's COA missive actually reminds us of a former Observer food critic who once wrote of the Jews, the Chinese and the Christmas. That seems so long ago now, doesn't it?

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[Photo: Howard Wang's Uptown/Facebook]

Howard Wang's China Grill

4343 Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220 214 366-1606 Visit Website

Royal China

6025 Royal Lane, Ste 201, Dallas, TX 75230 214-361-1771

Howard Wang's

4343 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220