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The Top Restaurant Standbys Of 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, Eater surveyed a number of industry types, writers, eaters and more. We asked the group eight questions, everything from Restaurant Standbys and Top Newcomers to Single Best Meal and Best Dining Neighborhood. Everything will be revealed—cut, pasted, unedited and unadulterated—by the time we check out to ring in the New Year.gandolfosbig-thumb.jpg [Photo: Gandolfo's New York Deli Dallas/Facebook]

Q: What were your top restaurant standbys of 2011?

Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn, Full Custom Gospel BBQ: The restaurants I returned to most often were Pecan Lodge BBQ and Lockhart Smokehouse

Stephanie Hawkes, DFW Food Truck Foodie: Top 3: Nammi, Gandolfo's New York Deli Dallas and Gennarino's.

foodbitch, ask foodbitch and City of Ate: Meddlesome Moth, The Grape, Charlie Palmer, SMOKE, Tei An

José Ralat Maldonado, The Taco Trail: Cane Rosso, The Common Table, Good 2 Go Taco, Lockhart Smokehouse, La Norteña Food Mart