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Dallas Is Going The Organic Route With Greenling

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Finally, buying local and organic is going to be easy for the lazy person. OK, to be fair, the service would also satisfy the needs of the busy person who doesn't have time to get down to the co-op or the artisan shop during business hours. Oh, and those without cars. And those with small children with whom shopping is a nightmare. Fine. We're the assholes for thinking of ourselves first.

Greenling, the successful organic produce and grocery delivery model co-founded by UT Austin grad Mason Arnold in Austin and San Antonio, is expanding to Dallas in late January. With comparable prices to grocery stores, the service will deliver (no charge for delivery) organic produce, grass-fed meats and eco-friendly products that are locally sourced.

Perhaps Dude, Sweet Chocolate, Wackym's Kitchen and other local favorites will end up on the shopping list as the web-based delivery service will also feature artisan-crafted products and selections from local businesses which align with Greenling's mission. Austin's site offers a bevy of ATX noteworthy's from coffee to pizza.

In addition to providing easier access to healthy goods, Greenling will obviously be helping the Dallas food-related economy another way. The company is hosting a job fair on January 2, looking for delivery drivers, warehouse workers, and yes, knife-wielding prep ninjas.

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The Greenling banana car. [Photo: Greenling/Facebook]

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