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Sigel's Might Become Spec's; No Love For Medicine Meat

DALLAS -- Sigel's Beverages is officially in negotiations with Spec's Wines, Spirits and Fine Foods. The latter intends to acquire Sigel's 10 metroplex locations as well as a large warehouse. Sigel's employees have been notified of the impending sale. [DMN]

TWITTERWIRE -- Fort Worth's Tim Love called out the POTUS this morning regarding antibiotics in meat. Do to apparent demands for Love to appear on TV every five seconds, we assume this to serve as his official 140-character letter of protest. [@cheftimlove]

FORT WORTH -- Red Jett Sweets has traded red sparkle Toms for red sparkle Uggs this season, but is still working very hard. This, according to a Pegasus News/109 feature on the mobile bakery. [Pegasus News]

[Photo: Merritt Martin/EDFW]